If I decide to detox, should I discontinue supplements and medications I'm currently taking?

Dr. Sara will provide information about recommended supplements in your detox materials. 

If you are currently taking supplements and/or medications, please continue to take those as usual, unless your doctor advises you otherwise.

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    Beth Berland

    I paid for detox starting in Dec 2017. I never received a single email with instructions on how to participate, or how to join the group.  Before the detox began I notified the support team of this. I asked if I had done something wrong, or if I had missed something.  I had a few other questions too, but the main one of coarse was about the upcoming detox. I never received any help at all concerning this detox. It came and went and I sent about 10 emails, getting so angry at basically being ignored. I then said I wanted a refund. I finally got a reply and Support asked if I was sure I wanted a refund. I replied, THE detox has ended! YES please. And never heard back. Again I have sent many emails. And left phone messages. Does Dr Sara have any idea of the lack of support her detoxers may experience? She leaves it all to her Team. But when her team is a failure to the paying customer, it appears she has gotten so big that she never learns of situations like mine. I am so upset. I am still fighting for a reply regarding the $48, its about 5 weeks now.

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